Image Scanning & Indexing:

Ansri Technologies scans documents at competitive prices. We provide enterprise document mangement systems and file scanning, document imaging services, large format blueprint scanning and a wide range of document conversion services including PDF conversion, full OCR correction and OCR scanning services. Ansri Technologies is a solution provider based in India.

  • Paper Scanning
  • Book Scanning
  • Engineering Documents
  • Bound Reports

Every digitization project has its own specific quality requirements. For the Web, for example, file size is often an issue; while for print or archival purposes, quality is generally the most important. Tricom understands all of these issues and tailor solutions to your requirements.

We can work with both legacy and current material using multi-pass keying as well as OCR driven text capture to bring about high levels of character accuracy. After capture, the text input is processed for final structure and format according to your requirements.

We work with all kinds of source materials in all kinds of formats including hardcopy, microfilm, microfiche, TIFF, PDF or other digital images.

We do data entry for forms processing, data indexing, e-books, database marketing, direct mail , market research, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, education and content for e- learning and On Line data entry.

We are equipped to handle small and very large volumes of data capture. Overnight delivery is possible in many cases.

At Ansri Technologies, we are equipped with the latest high speed scanning equipment and our scanning services are probably one of the lowest cost services you will ever find. We are capable of scanning books & paper larger than A3 Size ( 11.8 X 18.7") ( 300 X 475 mm)

We will scan 150 to 1200 DPI true color, B&W or grayscale, TIFF , JPG or GIF formats. Scanned files will be indexed as per requirement and sent via FTP or burnt on to CD, DVD or magnetic optical disks for On- Demand retrieval.

We have multilingual OCR capability and will clean up your OCR up to 99.999% accuracy and convert to full searchable text XML/SGML/HTML format or text searchable PDF format.

Digital Archiving:

Ansri Technologies specializes in digitizing full-text searchable newspapers, magazines, legal, scientific, technical & medical journals, government papers and other archives for on-line publication. Data is captured by OCR / manual data entry and encoded as per archive standards.

If you are considering digitizing your archives, we will do a no-cost no- obligation sample archiving of your documents and give you an estimate regardless of the size of the job.