Data Processing Services:

We at Ansri Technologies are equipped with the latest high-speed document imaging & scanning equipments to provide you with a fast, high quality and cost-effective scanning service. Our optical character recognition (OCR), document scanning and indexing services are probably one of the lowest cost services you will ever find.

Your paper documents can be scanned at our India facility and the images indexed and delivered in any format via FTP, CD, DVD or magnetic optical disks for on-demand retrieval. We also have personnel and equipment ready to handle on-site projects.

We have multilingual optical character recognition capability and can clean up your OCR up to 99.999% accuracy and convert to full searchable text XML/SGML/HTML format or text searchable PDF format.

Ansri Technologies performs a large variety of data capture / entry services in many languages - English, German, French and the Nordic languages. We can perform data capture from printed, scanned images, microfilm and on-line data entry.

We have many levels of data accuracy and processes to guarantee such accuracy:

Process GuaranteedAccuracy
OCR97 - 98%
Single Key99.90 %
Key/ Verify  99.95 %
Double Key / Double Compare 99.995 %
Triple key / Compare99.999%

Many types of Handwritten forms do not easily lend themselves to automatic capture using ICR/OCR tools. Ansri Technologies processes such forms our own forms processing software.

Data capture is from images or paper forms. We use a double key process to ensure high accuracy output. We realize that your data is useless if incorrect and we take pains to ensure that our forms processed data is of a high level of accuracy. We create validation tools based on a set of rules - Postal code and address validation, for example.

Customers reduce cost, are allowed to focus on their core business and grow without adding expensive manpower and resources. Ansri Technologies is the most cost-effective and efficient outsourcing option when you deal with forms data capture.

If you are able to scan and upload the images to a secure FTP server, we can usually download process and return the database to you in 24 hours.

Ansri Technologies offers these services:

  • Form Design
  • Document Preparation
  • Forms Scanning
  • Data Capture
  • Manual Forms Data Capture
  • Document Warehouse

Yellow Pages:

Ansri Technologies performs Yellow, White pages, and other directory conversion services in many languages.

We key in Yellow and white page listings from printed directories either by selected fields or the full directory. We perform a verify function to ensure Output is 99.99% accurate and can be converted to databases as client requirement.