Data Entry Services:

Ansri Technologies offers multiple alternatives to meet your data entry needs, with a 99.995%+ accuracy. This is achieved through data entry systems where data validation is given a very high priority with built in logical checks and double entry system to ensure completely "clean" data. All projects are controlled by team leaders who randomly check operators for continued accuracy. We work with the client to understand the project requirements fully. Once the requirements are fully understood, our Research and Development team develops data validation programs to check the output online.

We Offer data processing outsourcing and data entry from India for all kinds of textual data capturing from printed matter, manuscripts, scanned images, web research etc.

Some of the services are:

  • Strategic Data Entry, Capture / Collection and Compilation into various mediums- Software Program and Application, Catalogs, Receipt / Bill Mailing List/Mailing Label.
  • Data Entry, Capture / Collection and Compilation from various mediums- Web Sites, Paper/Books with high accuracy and speed, from Image file in any format , hardcopy/Printed Material into Ms Office, etc.
  • Data entry of Business Transaction, E-Books, Yellow Pages and White Pages Keying
  • Business Card data entry, copy, paste, editing, sorting and indexing of data into any Format
  • Data Entry of Prospect into ACT2000 and ASAP
  • Manuscript typing, Taped Transcription in to word.
Process GuaranteedAccuracy
OCR97 - 98%
Single Key99.90 %
Key/ Verify 99.95 %
Double Key / Double Compare 99.995 %
Triple key / Compare99.999%

We do data entry from registers, books, handwritten forms, questionnaire responses, competition entries, direct mail & survey responses, log books, manuals and a variety of other documents. We have a fast turnaround and overnight delivery is possible in many cases. We are equipped to handle small and very large volumes. If you are able to scan and email or upload the images to our FTP server, we can download, process and deliver the outputs by email or FTP. Outputs can be delivered in MS Word, MS Excel, Access or any other format of your choice.

Ansri Technologies specializes in digitizing full-text searchable newspapers, magazines, legal, scientific, technical & medical journals, government papers and other archives for on-line publication. Data is captured by OCR / manual data entry and encoded as per archive standards.

If you are considering digitizing your archives, we will do a no-cost no- obligation sample archiving of your documents and give you an estimate regardless of the size of the job.